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Cedric K. Olivera, MD, MS, FACOG, FACS

Board Certified OB/GYN

Board Certified Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery

About Us

Compassionate Healthcare


At NYFPRS, our mission is to provide you with personalized, high-quality care. We are dedicated to improving and maintaining your health and wellness through preventative care and treating chronic diseases. We specialize in treating conditions of the pelvic floor including urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse,  as well as causes of pelvic pain such as endometriosis, fibroids, interstitial  Cystitis, adenomyosis, and chronic urethral syndrome.  Stressors that cause anxiety, and insomnia are also  evaluated as part of our wellness program.  Other conditions such as fecal incontinence, abnormal uterine bleeding,  post-menoapausal vaginal bleeding,  general Gynecologic services, pap test screening, treatment of ovarian cysts, birth control options, evaluation of heavy periods, annual mammography screening referrals, and annual well woman exams are evaluated as well.  When surgery is required, over  90% of the surgeries that Dr. Olivera  performs are done in a minimally invasive fashion with either small incisions or no abdominal incision at all. Patients usually go home the same day, and frequently in as little as 4 hours after surgery. He is well versed in pelvic floor dysfunction as well as non-surgical options for the treatment of prolapse, including pessary fitting and insertion. Dr. Olivera is known for his compassion, friendly demeanor and attention to details. One of his patients have been quoted as saying " Now that I've have had my problem fixed, I can enjoy walks with my family again.  I feel complete".  Another patient recently filled out a hospital survey and noted, “I was very pleased to become a patient of Dr. Cedric Olivera. He listened to my concerns and answered all my questions. It was nice to have a Doctor that took the time and patience to make his patient feel comfortable and informed. I have already referred Dr. Olivera to my sister and friends who are looking for a gyn Doctor with his qualities”. 

Experienced Medical Professionals

Dr. Olivera talks to a patient


Dr. Olivera is a native of Brooklyn NY, married and has 3 children. 

-Undergraduate: Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from SUNY Stony Brook. 

-Medical School: UMDNJ – New Jersey Medical School where he obtained his MD degree. 

-Residency: Obstetrics and Gynecology at Jersey City Medical Center/ Seton Hall University

-Fellowship:  3-year (American Board of OB/GYN accredited)  at Mount Sinai school of medicine in Female Pelvic Medicine and reconstructive surgery. 

-Graduate School: Master’s Degree in clinical research from Mount Sinai /NYU

-Expert surgeon.  Dr. Olivera has performed thousands of successful reconstructive surgeries via the abdominal , vaginal, laparoscopic, minimally invasive and robotic routes

-Medical Missions: Traveled to Niger West Africa  to treat women with Vesico vaginal and Rectovaginal fistulas.    

-Past Director of Female Pelvic Medicine and reconstructive surgery (FPMRS) at Long Island College hospital 

 - Past Chairman of the Quality Assurance committee for patient outcomes 

-Clinical Assistant Professor at SUNY Downstate (past) and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (present) 

- His expertise was highlighted by meet the doctor talk radio and an editorial (both sponsored by NYU) about a patient who had improved quality of life after robotic reconstructive surgery.  

-Dr. Olivera is board certified in general Obstetrics and Gynecology as well as female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery (FPMRS). 

-One of the first group of Doctors to be certified in the country, and one of a handful of FPMRS/ Urogynecologists in Brooklyn NY. 

 -He is familiar with the use of Botox, Interstim, and Norplant implantation, as well as general gynecology. 

-At NYU-Brooklyn he was responsible for teaching the residents the fundamentals of Urogynecology as well as cystoscopy and how to properly perform vaginal hysterectomies. 

-He was the chair of the CCC committee at NYU-Brooklyn to evaluate resident performance.

-Immediate past president of The Brooklyn Gynecologic Society. 

 -He is actively involved with research, and has published numerous peer review journal articles 

- Reviewer for the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology-AJOG  (The Grey Journal) 

-Responsible for developing National clinical practice guidelines with the society of Gynecologic Surgeons Systematic review group (SRG). 

-Member of the American Urogynecology Society (AUGS) 

-Member of the  Society of Gynecologic surgeons (SGS)

-Member of  the AUGS coding committee

-The AUGS liaison for the committee on health economics (CHEC) sponsored by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG)

-Fellow of  the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (FACOG)  

-Fellow of  the American College of Surgeons (FACS).  

-Utilizes the AUGS AQUIRE outcomes registry to track and improve patient centered outcomes after surgery. 

- Expert in robotic surgery and is a video reviewer for other Doctors who need their robotic and laparoscopic skills assessed via the C-SATS objective outcome video platform.   

A Personal Approach to Healing, Wellness, and Clarity


Our goal is to improve and maintain your overall health and to empower you with an understanding of your condition. Risks, benefits, and alternative treatment options will be discussed to facilitate the best possible outcome for each patient. Using the latest data in published journal articles, we attempt to take an evidence based approach with each patient to maximize your experience and improve your quality of life. Dr. Olivera is one of very few double board certified, fellowshipped trained FPMRS doctors in Brooklyn.  He currently practices out of Mount Sinai hospital, Richmond University Medical Center, The Brooklyn Hospital, and Coney Island Hospital. This versatility  allows him to personalize the hospital experience requested by his patients

Complementary and Alternative medicine


Endocannabinoid System, Hemp, and CBD

You may have heard a great deal already about the health benefits of hemp oil and its main component CBD, especially in regard to its effects on stress, inflammation, immunity, pain, mood, and more. But to answer the question of how and why CBD works in the body means diving into a vastly complex system that doctors, scientists, and clinical researchers  are only just beginning to make sense of.  That  is known as the endocannabinoid system.  Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural chemical found within the hemp plant that can help restore and replenish balance to your endocannabinoid system.  When your endocannabinoid system is not working properly, due to stress, inflammation , etc.. your body becomes unbalanced.  The receptors do not get enough cannabinoids.  To rejuvenate your system and maintain balance, you may want to consider CBD. This is is a naturally occurring substance derived from plants known as phytocannabinoids.  


Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Reconstruct is a full spectrum hemp oil that comes in a tincture, capsule, roll-on or salve.  Our product is a superior product due to the fact that it  is lipid infused, organically grown, uses the whole plant,  sustainably grown, gluten -free, uses superior seeds, goes from seed to bottle, and is a non GMO.  Reconstruct  comes with a certificate of analysis. This allows you to see  exactly what is in our product. With added chemicals called terpenes (natural hydrocarbons found in the essential oils of citrus trees), Reconstruct has a  naturally occurring flavor.  With  no harsh chemicals or pesticides, our product is superior to many others on the market. The legal limit of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)  is less than 0.3% and our product is less than 0.03%, assuring that  patients will experience the numerous benefits of CBD, without the psycho-active effects or "high".  Many Patients have found improvement in their quality of life for symptoms related to pain, anxiety, inflammation, stress, and  insomnia.  This aligns well with our mission to enhance  healing , wellness, and clarity, via many delivery method options.

Delivery method: Sublingual

A serving of Hemp oil/ CBD is placed under the tongue, allowing for quick, direct absorpbtion throughout the body.  Usually patients hold  the drops under the tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing, This allows rapid onset of effectiveness, usually within 20 minutes.  Reconstruct  offers 2 potencies of sublingual tinctures. Our 500 mg and 1000 mg tinctures are derived from premium quality industrial hemp,  grown in Colorado.

Delivery method: Oral

Taken the same way you take your vitamins, this method is also very effective.  This is a reliable delivery system for absorption and for best results should be taken with food. Our capsules by pass the "first pass effect" in the GI tract, allowing longer duration of action .  Capsules are perfect for individuals who do not enjoy the taste of the hemp oil in the tincture  delivery method

Delivery method: Topical

Because we have endocannabinoid receptors in our skin cells, topical are beneficial for patients to apply the product directly on the skin as either a roll-on or salve. Both products work well in treating patients with chronic pain in lower back, knees, shoulders, wrists, and other joints. Both products work well for minor burns, skin irritation and or insect bites.  The roll-on applies a thicker layer than the salve.



Acute and Chronic Issues

 We offer diagnostic modalities for many acute symptoms such as interstitial cystitis flares, acute urinary tract infections, urinary retention from prolapse, excessive bleeding from hormonal imbalance or effects of uterine fibroids. You can rely on us to treat all of your chronic care needs such as chronic urinary retention, chronic pelvic pain syndromes caused by chronic urethritis, interstitial cystitis, endometriosis, adenomyosis, uterine fibroids; as well as other conditions such as vesicovaginal fistulas, rectovaginal fistulas, and birth canal related trauma requiring labialplasty reconstruction


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